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Marketing Skills: Seven Digital Marketing Concepts You Should Know

Marketing skills | Online marketing

1. Digital & Online Marketing: Digital marketing covers all marketing activities done on digital systems, including the internet as well as mobile systems. Online marketing is marketing done on the internet only.


2. SEO/SEM Marketing: SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are similar, both work at getting your website to list higher up on search engine results, but SEO and SEM are different services. SEO is a collection of on-page and off-page online marketing tactics, while SEM involves things like PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising, where you pay for clicks from links on search engines - e.g. Google Adwords.


3. Social Media Marketing: Getting traffic to your website from social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.


4. Content marketing: Getting traffic to your website by

- Creating shareworthy content/viral content, and

- Sharing it on relevant social media websites and influential accounts.


5. Inbound marketing: An umbrella terms for all the marketing you do to get people onto your website. Basically, this is a better and bigger name for content marketing - creating blog posts, graphics, videos, presentation, free ebooks, free case studies, surveys of industry, surveys/interviews of experts in your industry etc.


6. Email marketing: Sending targeted emails to carefully filtered lists of email ids (of people who may be interested in your products). People either send emails to a list they have created and sorted themselves (people have sent in their email ids), or using purchased email lists (this may not be as effective, and may also get you labelled as a 'spammer', or a sender of unsolicited emails).


7. Affiliate marketing: A kind of 'performance-based' marketing where you pay other websites a commission for sending in in traffic that results in sales.


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