Marketing Skills: Using The Internet To Promote Your Business

How to market your business to an 'always on' people.


- KISS - 'keep it simple, stupid': People want information quickly, clearly, no-nonsense. Make your own website easy to use and to convey your important messages. Aim for simplicity and ease of use in all functionality.


- Specialize in something: The internet and the website medium are ideally suited to specialized providers, suppliers, companies, etc., so try to specialize and be the best in what you offer within that specialization on the web.


- Give as much as you can free online from your website: Material that can be printed or downloaded, or information that can be read from the web page are all good worthy free things to offer.


- A website should be as easy as a shop - think about it in the same way: Make browsing easy - layout clear and clean - the experience should be warm and welcoming. For more on the topic, read


- Remove obstacles like registrations and password requirements as far as possible: These are barriers to visitors - shops don't have barriers and registration requirements do they?...


- Fancy graphics, visual effects and flash animation please designers but not customers: Fancy complicated design puts people off.


- Lots of text is good, if it's relevant: Search engines like lots of text too, but it must be relevant.


- Keep information up-to-date: Many search engines take account of update frequency, so update your website .


- Offer what people are interested in: Not what you want to push. Make your offering relevant to your target customers.


- Good websites will be found by most search engines: Don't pay for regular submissions services unless you have a very complicated and extensive internet and website strategy.


- The big three search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing: Google accounts for 60% of all searches. Google's listings are based on its unique Pagerank algorithm, which ranks websites and web pages based on number of links from other online sources they receive. The point being, if your content is useful, unique and up-to date, people will link to you.


- Build a site that other sites will want to link to: It is far more beneficial than directing all that effort into expensive internet marketing campaigns. Relevant high quality links matter. Having hundreds of irrelevant links on tiny unpopular websites counts for very little. Basically it is about two things. Build a site that Search Engines can crawl and understand, and Users find useful.


- Measure your website traffic: There are lots of trackers and systems to use - and are two great and free tracking services.


- Keep yourself updated on internet marketing trends: Blogs to read are,, and . To know about latest search and keyword trends, use, Google Adword Keyword Planner , Google Search insights,, etc.


Please use the 'Table of contents' to read tips on landing pages, online stores, personal branding etc.


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