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Negotiation Skills: 10 Questionable Negotiation Tactics

1. Wince: A visible negative reaction to someone’s offer - E.g. Acting stunned/surprised when the other party give their terms.


2. Silence: It can be a very useful tool. When they say/offer something, Just sit back and wait.


3. Good Guy/Bad Guy: Painting yourself as a good guy, while using facts etc to paint the other party as a 'bad' guy. Or, you behave reasonable, while your partner is outrageous. Either way, this is used to get concession from others.


4. Limited Authority: A variation on the good guy/bad guy tactic, where you tell the other party that you must get the offer approved by someone higher up.


5. Russian Front: Giving them two alternatives, one of them is intimidating. Related to the good boy/bad boy tactic. (In the World War 2, the eastern front/Russian front saw more casualties than the western front).


6. Red Herring: Bringing up a minor point to distract the other party from the main issue.


7. Written word intimidation: Pushing a pre-written/agreed 'official looking' contract (or a lease, loan etc) as something non-negotiable. Actually, people make a mistake by accepting the as they are, without questioning everything objectionable.


8. Trial balloon: Using certain questions to know about the other party's position without giving any ideas about your position - For example, 'Would you consider trying our product on a temporary basis?'


9. Low-Balling: Giving the other party a 'fantastic' offer. For example, a very low price. Once they accept, then you add in other 'necessary' stuff.


10. Bait-and-Switch: Just like low balling, you lure in others with a great price and then you show them/give them a different product. We already agreed these were sleazy negotiation tactics, right?



Note: You will also need 'Persuasion skills' as well as 'communication skills', as well as tips on handling cross-cultural negotiation. (please read 'cultural cues' guide)


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