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Offline methods of making some money

Make money

1. Sell unwanted stuff: Books, old Furniture, electronics, media, toys, and other unwanted items. Sell to your neighbor. Sell online, via classifieds (Craigslist). Take some good pictures and write a good description of your item. Sell wherever they let people sell sued stuff. Search Google for 'sell used stuff'.


2. Rent out your house/car/parking space: Ah, the sharing economy. Rent out your house/spare room on AirBnb (check out its legality in your area first)/HomeAway or rent out the whole house yourself (E.g. Zilok). Become a landlord. Lease out your parking space using Craigslist or other free classifieds site. Websites such as Sidecar/RelayRides/FlightCar let your rent out your car. Always check out all the legal stuff before you give your assets to other people to use.


3. Sell your body (parts): Egg/Sperm donation is an option (although very time intensive). Then there are sites for hair auctions (Hairwork, Online Hair affair). Always verify and check and double check for fraud issues. just Google things like 'hair selling fraud' or for that matter, 'selling item X fraud'.

In the United States, people donate blood plasma, if they weigh 110 lbs and above.


4. Do tasks for the neighborhood: Most common tasks include lawn mowing (there's a whole series of tasks related to lawn/right outside a home), yard work (raking leaves, cutting grass, shoveling snow), dog walking, cat feeding, PC-fixing, etc.


You should also look at Craigslist 'odd jobs' section.


5. Bartending: (For United States residents mainly) After-work and weekend-night bar tending is a competitive field, and you may need to attend bar tending schools and some practice before you can really do this job well.


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