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Other Options Of Making A Living Online

Make money

1. Play online poker: This is for people who are very good at maths (numbers, permutations, combinations etc), and who can sit playing cards for hours and hours, making sure not to make that one stop which puts out of the game (and money). This is not as glamorous as the movies make it out to be.


There are online schools and many books to help you learn poker. Google the stuff.


You should also check out the rules of the game at the poker site. For example, in many places, the winner pockets most of the winnings.


You need tons of discipline to succeed - not letting your emotions take control, always thinking things through, rationally, never emotionally.


Most people don't make any money out of it. It is very stressful as well.


2. Day trading/ momentum trading: Sitting in front of your computer and putting orders that match the patterns that the stock market is taking. People with a pool of starting money invest a part of that into a mix of dividend stocks, growth stocks and some in between, and using the rest of the amount to play the stock markets daily. It is a full time job.


For more ideas, please search Google for 'home-based business ideas', 'affordable business ideas', or just 'business ideas'.


3. And please, please, stay away from MLM (multi level marketing - Mary Kay, Legal Shield, Amway, Herbalife, Cutco, etc) - even if you manage to make some money, depending on where you are on somebody's downline, there will be people in your downline who will lose out because of you.


4. Monetize your web pages using advertising


It depends on


- What topic your web page is about (finance topics get more money than entertainment pages, in general), and

- How much traffic your web page is getting (low traffic web pages in general topics get low money, and high traffic in a lucrative niche bring better money).


When we are talking of money, we mean CPM (Cost per thousand impressions).


A sample estimate (found on Hacker News)

General rule of thumb: if a website can cross over the half a million visitors mark - he can make $5,000 from ads per month. (6 ads per page at $2 CPM on average.)


For this you also have to rely on more than Google Adsense, and make private deals with advertisers – using, for example, 'Advertise on this website' section on your website/blog.


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