Running a business

Running a Business: Creating the product/service

Bringing it to life.


'How will I make it?'


Make rough notes on the idea:


- Use cases (stories of how customers will use the product/service)


- Sketches (of product), layouts (of the service), or wireframes (in cases of web sites, apps) - with descriptions


- Logo, tagline


- Color theme (e.g. Coke and its all-red theme)-


- Text design (For example, Apple & its all black minimal text layouts)


- Other 'look elements': Posters, signboards, graphic ads, stationary


- Who will make it: You, Your team, an outside agency, or a series of agencies (graphic designer, fabricator etc.)


- What information to give to the outside agencies before they get to work:


The brief: What is it? Who is it meant for? How is it different? What are the benefits? What are its unique features and looks? Where will it be seen/available? etc.


Thank you for reading.
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