Running a business

Running a Business: How to motivate your employees

Goal-setting, regular appraisals and training plans are not enough to motivate your employees.

Time to read up on your Maslow.


Here's a short checklist about how you motivate your employees at every stage (stage 1 is the basic needs stage) of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


1. Physiological needs (Air, food, water): A clean, bright and happy place to work etc.


2. Safety needs (Personal security, health, financial security): Office in a good locality, health-friendly initiatives (e.g. work from home, flexi-timings), ample job security (no rapid fire hiring and firing), chances to grow professionally, training etc.


3. Love and belonging (friendship, family): Well performing teams, group activities, birthday celebrations, outings, subsidized/free food etc. (and option to not be present in any of these activities, as well)


4. Esteem (Recognition, value): Competitions, public recognition of exemplary work, timely promotions, rewards, etc.


5. Self-actualization ('What a man can be, he must be.'): Giving people all the opportunity to success, to try out new stuff, to take on new roles and challenges, etc.


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