Running a business

Running a Business: How to motivate yourself

1. Get perspective: Get in touch with the reasons you set out on this course. Are you still on the path?


2. Break it down: If the goals (of the business plan) are simply too big, break into doable chunks - e.g. The first million dollar customer customer by 2018, Second big product by 2019


3. Look at your idols: Where were they at a similar stage/age? What did they do different? What extra did they have? If they were in your shoes right now, what would they have done?


4. Celebrate the wins: Celebrate all wins, small or big. Celebrate publicly, among the people who are with you on your journey. Happiness in small things, boss.


5. Take time out: Get some fresh air. Look at your health stats. Get some perspective from a distance. You know the drill.


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