Running a business

Running a Business: How will people buy from you?

Use any method that gets you to where most of your customers are. Choose from this mix, or add your own.


- Retail shops: Common in industries with established distributor/retail networks. Distributors can also help you 'test drive' the product through their channel.


- Selling direct: Some even have their own 'factory outlets'. Outside of restaurants etc, this works best if you have a defined set of customers who will buy direct from you on a regular basis. It helps if you have a great rapport with them.


- Wholesale to the trade channel


- Mail order (E.g. Skymall)


- Agent (who takes commission after every sale)


- Online


- Mobile App


- Word of mouth: Satisfied customers recommend your product to their friends etc.


- Networking events: Beauty products, for example are sold through these events


- Any captive audience: Any event, mall, shop in a shop, etc.


- MLM (Multilevel marketing): This just doesn't have a good track record as well any reputation.


- As part of a package: For example, the sauce sachet given out with every meal on trains.


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