Running a business

Running a Business: Recruiting people

The things to look for in candidates when you are interviewing is to see:


1. If their skills and work experience fit the job description you have in mind (remember, job descriptions in startups tend to require candidates to be able to do a variety of tasks - you need a specialist with a generalist bent of mind)


2. If they fit: If their attitude and their personality fit in your style of working. This is very, very important.


Search Google for 'best questions to ask a candidate'.


Tip: Write good job ads: As an entrepreneur, you are in the best position to judge what needs to be done and who can do it. Just put all this into this format - job title, job description, qualifications etc. Please search for job description and skills related to your needs.


Tip: In the United States, there are things like Employment “at will” letter for the employee, which many employers get new hires to sign (allowing them to terminate the employee for any reason if it’s not working out). Harsh, right? Depends on who you are asking.


Thank you for reading.
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