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Seven Career Success Tips For Introverts



1. The best advice about career success for introverts that this writer came across was to 'Fake it till you make it'.


Just knowing that it is important to be a competent communicative person when it is needed (performance reviews, salary negotiation etc.) You may not want to chatter on about things with other people, but knowing it is a job that pays the bills, motivates like few other things do. In other words, during these crucial moments of our career, suck it up and be a 'go-getter' for a while. Here's the things you can do:


2. Keep track of your work accomplishments (keeping a 'good work' diary' is a good idea, where you also document all the positive feedback emails people have sent) and let the boss know during performance reviews, or whenever there is an appropriate moment.


This is the standard workplace practice to be noticed and awarded for your good work.


3. In the same vein, be ready with hand-picked examples of your 'good work' throughout the year, including instances when you went beyond the call of duty to make things happen. Talk about them when the performance review meetings come up for discussion.


State what you were asked to do, and then say what you did to achieve it.


4. Also talk about, or write up, things you plan to do next year, what your goals are, how you plan to bring more value to the employer in coming days. It is important to be lucid, even on paper, during the performance review period or whenever the need arises.


As they say, know your 'past value' and explain your 'future value'.


5. If conditions permit, if you have a boss who listens, we can make it a habit to periodically update our boss by e-mail at least- reporting things such as newly completed tasks, upcoming tasks with estimated timeframes for completion, and/or how those fit into longer-term goals.


6. Email, IM chat, Whatsapp etc have made business communication a breeze for introverts. No more face-to-face time. Use these tools to be descriptive about projects, goals, tasks, deadlines, timelines, reviews, achievements, documentation and so on.


7. Get some 'you' time during the work day: Walk around office block, headphones for some time (if they are permitted), 'do not disturb' sign outside office etc.


8. Other ideas about minimizing the face-to-face meetings: Prepare all the stuff beforehand, which you think takes much time during the meetings (e.g. documents to sign are typed up in advance)


The thing to remember about introversion, or extroversion is that this categorization is about what gives you the energy to deal with life. Extroverts might deal with life in outgoing way because that is what gives them strength to deal with life. Introverts, on the other hand, need quiet time to get the energy to deal with life.


Thank you for reading.
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