Creating a tech startup

Seven More Strategies To Get More Online Users/Buyers

Here are more tip for getting people interested in your product/startup. 'Startup experts' call all this 'growth hacking'.


1. Using email to get more business for your startup:


Have a better email signature: E.g. Justin King, Helping people have great career

Use the 1-2-3 onboarding email method: E.g. 1. Complete your profile 2. Integrate your bank account with QuickCoin 3. Download our mobile app)

Send trigger-based customer email series: E.g. 'It is your birthday Justin King'

Send an upsell email: E.g. 'You just bought a 5.5' smartphone. You need...'

Send a welcome email upon joining: E.g. 'Welcome to... Justin's how you can use it to build your...'

Use a VIP (select people only) Beta launch: E.g. 'This new product is only for select...'

Send information about a free trial: E.g. 'Try out this...for free for next 30 days'

Send win-back email (when a customer has stopped subscribing etc): E.g. 'Hey Justin King, it has been a long time since you stopped renewing...'

Send education-focused email series: E.g. 'Here's part 3 of our series on how to use YouTube to teach yourself better.'

Send top blog posts digest: E.g. 'Here is the gist of best posts on salary negotiation on the great careers blog'

Use better subject line: Google for 'most effective email subject lines.'

Send a cold Email: Send to people who have shown interest/made purchases in your industry. Send a problem subject line ('Monthly electricity bill bleeding you dry?...'

Send an inactive users email: E.g. 'Hey Justin King, it has been a long time since we saw you on...'


2. Using the 'free' strategy:


Give out free company t-shirt to buyers

Send free ebook / resource to people in exchange of email ids

Give away your product and promote on all your online outposts.

Create a useful free tool that helps you get more users: E.g. Wordstream (seller of Paid Per Click advertising services) has a free Adwords Grader tool.

Give any loyal customer a surprise gift


3. Use friends to talk you up:


Keep your employees happy and they will be eager to spread the word out in their respective social networks.

Get an endorsement from a celebrity via Twitter (just impress the person).

Form a network of like-minded websites/founders and promote each other: E.g. 'Our friends' section in the footer with logo and links of all friend websites.

Use your suppliers and other partners: For example, get your freelancing coders to link to your website by writing a short case study about you (provide the write up yourself).


4. Responsive, highly effective Landing Pages:


With social proof (how many have bought/downloaded), great call to action button ('click to succeed'), Us vs Them comparisons, Live chat button, Benefits headline, visible phone numbers etc.

To get your web page to convert more, search Google for 'landing page conversion tips', and you will gets tons of ideas.


5. Useful and Interesting Content:


Start with a week-by-week editorial & social calendar for a whole year, and list of keywords (using Google Keyword Planner Tool), FAQ blog post series, screencast of product demo, elevator pitch explainer video, 'unboxing' video, animated GIF Tutorial, tutorial video series, industry report, blog posts targeted at a demographic (e.g. millennials), etc.

To get more ideas about what content to create, just Google search 'content marketing ideas', or 'content marketing list'.


Creating viral, shareworthy content

Remember the A.S.I.A. acronym for creating viral content (graphics, long article, tool): The A.S.I.A. came out after an analysis of most shared and commented New York Times articles found that user shared items that made the Angry, Sad, Inspired or full of Admiration.


6. Monitor your brand and products online

Every week at least, search Google/Google News and Twitter about mentions for your brand/product, and respond to anyone that mentions your projects, even your your competitors. If someone asks a question about your industry, that is even more relevant.

Set up Google Alerts for your brand and your competition.

With reference to questions: Join Quora/Yahoo answers and answer questions related to your industry etc.


7. Continue the work on building your Personal Brand.


A word about 'Survivor Bias':

You will plenty of articles how an entrepreneur made it, or the lessons the person learned from his 'journey', or how 'visionary' are successful entrepreneurs like Peter Thiel, Google founders etc.


These might be hard working guys but these people are also are lucky, they are extremely lucky - a mix of being the right people in the right place at the right time.


What worked for them may not work for you.


This guide is just a list of best practices and you use any of them depending up your needs and circumstances.


Thank you for reading.
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