Communication Skills

Seven Simple Ways To Give Praise

People skills

You have already done the leg work by being 'brave' and 'generous' enough to acknowledge other people's contributions. Now just make sure,


1. You praise people for real, specific things, not juts some vague 'you are a good friend to have'. People recognize an empty praise when they hear one. In some cases, empty praises become an insult.


2. Point out how their contribution helped the company or you - increase in profits, preventing loss of face etc.


3. Praise done in public is the best kind of praise you can give.


4. Which brings us to a related point: When you praise someone in public, you may risk upsetting others by leaving them out. This is more problematic if you have a habit of praising the same set of people in public.


5. Praise is very effective in meetings: You acknowledge people's contributions, which will make them feel proud, and then you can get ahead with your own agenda.


6. Praise during meetings #2: You can praise someone's idea and then quickly incorporate that idea to bulk up your idea.


7. Have a praise: criticism ratio: Some managers make sure they praise at least 3-4 times more than they criticize.


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