Career success

Stay Sharp

Fact: Careers, jobs, employers and technologies keep changing all the time.


What you should do:


In the workplace: Go back to your interests list, figure out if you are still on the right path to what you have chosen for yourself. If you see yourself falling behind, or no in sync (e.g. do you still fit in your workplace?), time to adapt or move on.


Focus on things that you suck at or avoid.


Personal life: Look after your mental, social, and physical health- Where are you with your diet, exercise, regular sleep and regular meals? Are you working sane hours?


Things to consider:


- Work on side projects

- Schedule time for yourself

- Are you networking? Traveling? Conferences? Attending social events (related or unrelated to work)?

Online options: Online forums, blog comments, etc.

- Are there smart, useful people in your group? Surround yourself with people far smarter than you are.


Thank you for reading.
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