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The 15 Best (Most Useful) Personality Tests That Are Actually Worth Taking (and they are all mostly free)

Personality test

1. 'Love or Infatuation' Test: Answer 20 questions that will tell you if it's love (or just infatuation)

2. Sanity Score Mental Health Test: What it says.

3. Visual DNA Test: Actual character traits that affect how we work, and we can succeed

4. Maladaptive Covert Narcissism Scale: See how sel-absorbed you are (how much in love with yourself you are)

5. The Stroop Test: How fast and flexible a thinker you are by using color-coded words.

6. Memory Test: After a series of numbers appears on the screen, you click on a keypad to test your memory.
7. Personal Biases Test: Learn about your implicit biases about race and other issues.

8. 'I Just Get Myself' Personality Test: Answer 40 questions to learn about some 'interesting' personality traits

9. Personality Patterns Test: Based on the Big Five Personality theory, covers 45 personality traits, and gives detailed, interactive visual feedback 

10. The Worst Sounds Test:  Find out which sounds bother you the most.

11. Reaction to Faces Test (PerceptionLab): Rate your preference for different facial characteristics.

12. 'Would You rather' Test: Gives you options related to different situations.

13. Free Jungian Type Test: Free version ob MBTI test (Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ approach to personality)

14. Body Language Test: How well can you read other people?

15. Mindfulness At Work Test:


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