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The 20 All-Time Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice Ever

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1. Give each other some space. But not too much space. Just enough space where they don't suffocate. Each one musty have a life outside the relationship.


2. 'It's not partner vs partner It's couple vs problem' - Anonymous


3. Never ever use something they have told you in confidence against them in an argument, even if you're in total privacy. That's the beginning of the end.


4. If your significant other/friend is an asshole to others, sooner or later they will be asshole to you too.


5. If your significant other/friend asks you if you want to do something, and you have options, say yes.


6. There's no reason you can't have any secrets. They're a significant other, not your conscience. But tell each other everything related to the relationship.


7. If you care for each other, stick it out and make an effort. Many things sort themselves through compromise or in time. Don't get prematurely selfish.


8. Being in a relationship means a 50/50 commitment but the scales keep swinging (a bit) towards both ends: Sometimes they need your help, other times you will need theirs. Just don't let get all the way to the other end.


9. Empathize: When upset, before you speak, put yourself in their shoes. There is a reason for everything.


10. The Golden rule: Treat them exactly as you'd want them to treat you if you were the one in the wrong. Each one of you is allowed to be wrong one time or other, so don't point it out explicitly. Forge forwards.


11. Cut down on your nagging: Keep it for a time when it is really important.


12. T A L K. : There is nothing that talking like civilized people didn't solve, period. Communicate now or harbor resentment until the bitter end.


13. The world is always in a flow: Things change. Even relationships change, and/or run their course. Let go with an un-guilty (but heavy at the time) heart, when you both feel it is time. No one said it goes on forever. Know when to let go.


14. Don't put the other person on a pedestal: Someday, they will start to look down on you.


15. The honeymoon period exists: Eventually, the novelty and rush fade away and the 'solid stuff' remains.


16. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Find out what it means to the other person.


17. Don't be each other's sole source of happiness: Avoid over-dependency.


18. Know the other person's issues before you get serious.


19. They are not a bad person if they decide to move on: Feeling change. You can't change how others feel. This is how things are. You don't have to feel worthless for losing them (at first it hurts like anything, but you will be okay). You must never lose control over yourself, which is the only thing in the world we can have control over.


20. Show, don't tell: Saying that you care is one thing, but showing that you care is another. Be the helpful partner.


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