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The 6 Seconds Test For Resumes (And How To Survive It)


A recent eye-tracking (how we scan a page, typically left to right in 'F' or 'Z' pattern) study of recruiter behavior (done by TheLadders) found that recruiters spent an average of 6 seconds only when scanning a resume. Unfortunately, many useful and relevant talent may go unnoticed in the first round itself. This is an unfortunate reality of 'life in the crowd.' We must stand out, people.


How do we make best of these 6 seconds?

Simply, focus on improving the areas of the resume where recruiters spend most of their time during an initial scan.


- Your name, address, and initial contact information

- Current title/company (job title must match/be similar to job on offer)

- Previous title/company (it helps your case if recruiters find your progressing in your career)

- Start/End dates (giving an idea of how long you stay in a job)

- Education (important if the recruiter is looking for a relevant degree/certification)


Please also make sure your career summary makes you look dynamic and effective- Use short sentences containing actions words such as created, improved, increased- and give numbers (money values, percentages to show valuable contribution).


Thank you for reading.
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