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The American Dream, In Memorium

Ah the American Dream! A dream where everyone had the same chances of success and money, where all you had to do was to put in the hours and never stray from the course, baby. And one day, the riches will be yours, McMansion included. Only this dream cost $130K a year while median household income in the United States is only $50K.


'Living the dream' became a euphemism for deep disappointments.


How can you work at getting financially comfortable when your most of efforts and savings are going into paying off the student debt for your useless/or not degree? There was this story about 3% of households headed by someone age 65+ still paying student loans.


Even if you are lucky to get a job, chances are it is not a job you studied for. You will end up hating your job, your situation...


You are getting fatter with all that entertainment and social media, and all that free time with no job /underwhelming job. How can fat people run around seeking work or do work that requires physical work, lots of it?


There will be no old age retirement. That is a good thing, being vital and interested long into life. This is a bad thing too. No rest for our overworked body and mind. A news report says social security benefits will cover only 75% of the benefits to recipients after 1933. Moreover, 7.2 million Americans aged 65+ are working, many because people feel being financially squeezed.


I don't want to go on into reduced vacation time, pressure cooker family life, expensive education for our kids (a study says parents spend an average of 250,000 dollars on a kid till age 18), and constant urge not to 'waste any more time'.


There was no Great American Dream ever. It was marketing sold by people who benefited most from exploiting people's hope ('yes, you could be the next winner!')- media, politicians and big business.


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