Career success

The Basics Of Career Management

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.

- Zig Zagler


The fast track to career success means giving people what they want.


Give people what they need and they will be okay. One more day survived. Give people what they want and they will be happy.


Happy people are happy to help you out, 'okay people' will just probably say 'thanks' and move on. (Read this Guide along with the 'Guide for creative people' as well the guide to being an online authority via social media and self publishing- check the Table of contents)


We talked about the importance of marketing ourselves. Above everything else, marketing sells hope. Happiness brings hope.


If you are bring some much needed solutions for your boss, your company, or even your industry, you have made it, friend. You are on the fast track to career success.


One way to help a lot of people at one go is go stuff away for free. Stuff that tells the story of you working out the solutions in your industry- software coders give out free code on Guthub. Consultants give out free detailed industry surveys. Other coders give out free coding advice on Question/Answer websites such as Point is, the more you offer more of yourself to the community of your industry, even if sometimes, often initially you falter, people will take you in a higher esteem.


Doing all this also makes you do your job better- all the lessons from trials and errors, the inputs from the community, as well as the positive reinforcements from a grateful community.


Start now. Start with a small blog putting out your manifesto for the industry, or a list of all the problems in the industry.


Create a small side project and put the code on Github for forking (other people using and modifying) and improvements.

Start with participating in a workshop in your field or a convention where you are one of the speakers. Just start giving people what they want and you will go far, friend.


Thank you for reading.
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