Making a living

The Big List Of Things You Can Do To Make A Part-Time Living

Make money


There are several things you should know before you think on away to make a part-time living.


1. Invest as much time on this part-time time gig (networking, looking for a job) as a real job, and then you might have a chance. Else, forget it. There is just so much competition in every field online (and offline).


2. Work on improving the skill which will bring you the part-time money. Work hard at it before you start working for people. Don't take any job lightly.


3. Always break down any target income you have in mind: It will also help you come to peace with what they are are offering you.


For example, you want to make $2000 in two months time. That is $2000 in 60 days, or $33/day, or @ an 8-hour day, $4/hour.


4. It is a possible to make (some) money doing things you love, if it is something people want to pay for. Any marketable skill/hobby you got, you are in with a chance.


It is worth remembering that musicians are able to make living doing something they love - with a day job.


5. Services you can sell with some money, and lots of skill and practice:

Barber, Baker, Bartender, Bookkeeper, Chef, Coach (Career coach, life coach, sports coach), Consultant (IT consultants make good money), Massage therapist, Music teacher, Personal trainer (for rich people) Yoga instructor, Interior decorator, Hair stylist


6. Services you can sell with some/no money, and some skill and practice:

Babysitter, Bike messenger, Cab driver, Car detailer (modifying superficial interiors and exteriors of cars), Construction laborer, Event planner, Gardener, House sitter, Mover, Painter, Personal shopper (for rich people), Property manager (aka The Super), Scrapbooker (helping people curate their social media photos), Security guard, Waitress, Wedding planner etc.


7. One big idea with successful business people is that they are always on the lookout for arbitrage opportunities

Buying stuff on the cheap somewhere, and selling them for a healthy markup in some place with a captive audience. For example, people will sell bottled water (although bottled water is not good for the environment) at 40% markup in parks or events etc.


There are many things you can do make some extra money. But, know this. This is the most important part. You have to do something extra for them. For example, if you make wedding videos, do bits of slow montages of the bride and groom dancing, or any other thing that we love from the movies. People like it when you do something extra for the, It also builds word of mouth.


Some of the options listed below will just take an hour or two of your daily time, but some, like blogging/online stores/freelancing etc will take up a big chunk of your time. Hopefully, in this case, the money will be be better too.


You can make some money from online projects for sure, but a living? Unless you have something many people want, and very few are providing it, it will be a slog. You might counter that you bring better quality to the job, but how is a client supposed to compare beforehand all the quality there is in a market?


Try what works for you best. What you’ll make depends on your skills and time commitment.