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The Company You Work For (And HR) Is Not Your Friend

1. The company you work for, and the friendly HR (Human resources) people think of you as 'resource', and you thought they were your friend when they cut a birthday cake for you? The cake is a medicine they give out to ease the pressure.


2. Everyone is out for himself or herself. Your boss or the human resources people are immune from this condition.


3. If you find yourself a caring boss or a company, consider yourself lucky, but keep asking yourself all the time- what's in it for them?


4. As they say, in companies, loyalty flows up not down.


5. The company


They are not your friend. They can lay you off whenever they want, the mandatory notice period is to be enforced only when you leave on your own volition. They will settle disputes, saying all the right words (impartial etc) but they will favor the person who is more valuable to them. They will let you work under bad bosses (who only excel at flattering their boss) and will ignore all the complaints as long as that bad bass is of value to them. It is a value game. A 'resource' has limited value despite whatever they might claim.


6. Human Resources


The main job of the human resources people is to protect the company. Actually, they are Resource filtration systems. Don't let their paperwork deduce otherwise- they are paid to recruit, get the forms filled, pay the salaries, dole out benefits and such. That's all the 'help' they will provide- giving you what you deserve for your hard work, but often making you feel they have done you a favor.


Do not go the HR people if you have a problem. Try to sort out the issues and conflicts among yourself, without everything getting noted down on paper, to be used as they seem fit. The big brothers like us to work in a constant state of fear and dependence.


In the same vein, do not share any confidential stuff with HR people. They will and they have to report any useful stuff up the chain.


Have back up plans. If you want to feel wanted by the company and the HR people, you show confidence and do your job well. And while you are at it, make sure there is a job offer or two waiting for you outside. All other ways to be 'wanted' make you liable to be pushed around and ignored by the company. As long as you are marketable, you will do good.


Do your own research before you opt for products and services pushed by the company / HR- insurance, travel etc. They will push stuff only when there is some 'arrangement'.


Document and back up all documents and agreement and other proofs, doing this on a constant basis, for when you need to show these as proof or for any other reason, they will be magically gone from your computer/their records. This is most certainly the case when you leave the company.


Thank you for reading.
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