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The Five Best (And Free) Career Quizzes That Will Help You Find the Ideal Career

Personality test

First, a word (or two) about career quizzes. At best, a career quiz is a superficial way of 'finding the best career' for you, right? Isn't how they sell themselves? 'Finding the best career'.  A career quiz will give you quick answers to your dilemma about choosing a career? Is it really that easy? Why do most people hate their jobs then? How will you know how long will you last in any of the 'chosen' career?

Many career tests are invalid and not completely tested. Even the respected so-called '16 clusters' just gives you a very (very) broad idea of careers based on your personality. And we already know it is very hard to pigeonhole your (or anyone's personalities) into neat pigeon holes.

And don't you think you are limiting your options by taking career quizzes at their face value? So, the career quiz said you will do good in retail, your personality suits this industry. 'Welcome to Walmart, How may I help you?'

A better way to choosing careers is to take a cold hard look at your skills and experiences, talking it through with people in your favorite industry, and to counsellors, and even spending some time in any career, trying it out. A career is a work in progress.

If you are still mad for a career quiz, for fun purposes only,here are the best free career quizzes:

1. Try out this free one:

2. Another free, and very useful career quiz is the U.S. government-run 'My Next Move O*NET Interests Profiler'

3. Career Strengths Test: A collection of activities, created by Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation for Oprah.

4. The Big Five Personality Test: A free 50-question test

5. Pymetrics helps you find a promising career using some clever mind games

Or, you can try Basicversity Career center

Workplace Skills: Complete this checklist to see how ready you are in each of these workplace skills categories.
Personality Test: Take this short Personality checklist test to see which type of workplace personality you resemble best, and then browse relevant careers in that industry.
Career Cluster: Explore careers across 16 major career/industry clusters.


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