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Three Innovative Job Hunting Ideas

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The two most commonly used kinds of innovative job hunting involve:

1. cold calling / cold emailing / social media gate crashing or, an improvement on this in

2. Getting the notice of the targeted employer where you know he will be looking- articles about the company, ads for the company (explained below).


1. Cold calling / Cold emailing / Social Media gate crashing


People call the HR department of the targeted employer/s explaining their skills sets and how valuable they can be for the company they have always loved and so on, hoping the HR isn't put off by all this or isn't too busy. Chances of success: Iffy.


2. Small projects


Some people, for example have done their mockups of how they think the employer's web site /app / main product could be better, and then let the people in the target company know about their work. Chances of success: It shows initiative at least. Depends upon the quality of the small, project.


3. ‘Hire Me’ Campaigns


People have put up Google ads, Facebook Ads, among others, with headlines like, 'Is Company X sales slowing?', and then giving their solutions, experience etc. In the old days, this would have come up as a full page ad, with actor openly asking for a big role in an upcoming biopic. Chances of success: Can work if handle the follow up- the employer is taken to your website / blog where you showcase your projects and your abilities, links to your online presence and activities so far, as well as your resume.


Bottom line: Show initiative, even if it doesn't work, you will know you gave it everything. Life will be happy with you.


Thank you for reading.
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