1. The American Dream, In Memorium
  2. What Do We Want From Our Job?
  3. How To 'Do What You Love' and Still Be Able To Build A Career
  4. A Quick Guide To Career Values, Strengths And Personality Types
  5. The 11 Methods of Knowing Yourself Before Choosing Upon a Career
  6. Career Planning: 15 Things To Know
  7. Working For A Big Company vs Working For A Small Company
  8. The Top Non-Job Skills Recruiters /Employers Love
  9. What Business Executives Should Know
  10. How to Identify Your Marketable Skills
  11. Where The Jobs Are (And Aren't): 14 Useful Lists of Jobs
  12. Do You Need A Degree To Succeed? Part 1
  13. 10 Things To Do With A Liberal Arts Degree
  14. Resume 101
  15. The Ultimate List of Tips For Great Resumes
  16. What To Put on a Resume When You Have Nothing to Put On It
  17. What Skills To Put On Your Resume
  18. A Quick Guide To Great Words for Your Resume
  19. The 6 Seconds Test For Resumes (And How To Survive It)
  20. What Are Resume Screeners?
  21. Writing Great Cover Letters
  22. How To Survive Psychometric Tests
  23. A Quick Guide To Placement Tests
  24. A Quick Guide To Personality Tests (And Why They Don't Work)
  25. How To Do Well At In-tray And E-tray Exercises
  26. How To Get the Most out of Career Counseling
  27. Working for Free To Get A Foot In
  28. Making The Best Out Of Internships
  29. Using A Career Consultant / Career Coach
  30. How to Work With Executive Recruiters
  31. 20 Steps To Any Successful Job Search
  32. Three Useful Job Search Checklists
  33. When Your Job Search Just Isn’t Working
  34. How To Get A Job When You Have No Relevant Experience
  35. Three Innovative Job Hunting Ideas
  36. Practical Tips For Job Search When You Have A Job
  37. How to Handle Career Fairs
  38. Online Job Search Guide
  39. How To Avoid Job Scams
  40. Tips For Successful Job Interviews, The Ultimate Guide
  41. How To Overcome Your Job Interview Anxiety
  42. A Quick Guide To Interview Psychology
  43. How To Handle a Tough Job Interview Successfully
  44. Answering Most Difficult Interview Questions
  45. Seven Red Flags You Should Watch For During Job Interviews
  46. How To Identify A dead-end job During A Job Interview
  47. How To Identify A Bad Boss During A Job Interview
  48. The Most Awful Job Interview Mistakes According To Employers
  49. How to Succeed at Your Video Interview
  50. How To Handle A Stress interview And Come Out Okay
  51. How To Ace The Phone Interview
  52. How to Ace The Panel Interview
  53. How to Ace A Group Interview
  54. How To Succeed In Coding Interviews
  55. Handling Internal Job Interviews
  56. Doing Well In Behavioral Interviews
  57. How To Be A Shining Star At Work
  58. How To Be An Awesome Professional
  59. The Basics Of Career Management
  60. How To Be Powerful At Work And In Life
  61. Why Hard Work Matters, And How We Can Work Hard
  62. How To Be Lucky In Your Career
  63. How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable
  64. Loyalty Towards Skills, Not Your Employer
  65. Stay Sharp
  66. How To Take Risks And Come Out Okay Every Time
  67. Listen To Your Gut: Your Instincts May Be Right
  68. Have Integrity
  69. Being A Better Employee, The Ultimate Guide
  70. A Quick Guide to Jerks At Work
  71. Working With Colleagues Successfully
  72. How To Survive Workplace Conflicts
  73. How To Manage Your Boss
  74. The Essential Guide To Survive (Or Win At) Office Politics And Gossip
  75. Networking To Build Your Career
  76. How To Have A Career During Difficult Times
  77. How To Successfully Work From Home (Or Telecommute Painlessly)
  78. How To Negotiate Your Salary, The Ultimate Guide
  79. How to Get a Salary Raise You Deserve
  80. The Essential Guide To Getting Job Promotions and Rising Up In Your Dream Career
  81. A Quick Guide to Mentors
  82. How To Do Performance Reviews And Come Out Aces
  83. How To Market Yourself and Sell Yourself Better
  84. How You Can Be A Leader / Expert In Your Field
  85. A Simple Guide To Creating A Successful Personal Brand
  86. A Simple Guide To Career Portfolios (And 'About Me' Pages) That Help You Get Work
  87. Achieving A Work-Life Balance In Your Career
  88. How To Downshift And Enjoy Life More
  89. How to Survive And Be Happy In A Job You Hate
  90. How To Reinvent Your Career Successfully
  91. How To Change Careers and Come Out on Top
  92. A Simple Guide To Quitting Your Job
  93. How To Overcome And Avoid Work Related Burnout And Fatigue
  94. The Company You Work For (And HR) Is Not Your Friend
  95. Dealing With Mid Career Blues
  96. Everything You Should Know About Layoffs (And Career Breaks)
  97. Surviving Unemployment And Job Loss
  98. How To Stop Sabotaging Your Career
  99. How To Start And Run A Side Project Successfully
  100. The First Job Survival Guide
  101. How to Survive, Succeed and Shine at Your New Job
  102. Career Advice For College Students
  103. A Guide To Job Hunting For College Graduates
  104. Career Tips For Young People / Millenials
  105. Essential Career Advice For Women
  106. Seven Career Success Tips For Introverts
  107. Career Advice for Coders, Engineers and Designers
  108. Career Advice for Creative People
  109. How Creative People Can Be An Authority Online
  110. The 15 Best (Most Useful) Personality Tests That Are Actually Worth Taking (and they are all mostly free)
  111. The 45 Most Interesting Personality Quizzes Online
  112. The Five Best (And Free) Career Quizzes That Will Help You Find the Ideal Career
  113. What are the Cons of Working From Home?

Using A Career Consultant / Career Coach

That is the general idea behind a career consultant/career coach anyway. Before I sat down to create this short career guide, I knew there were career consultants around, but I had barely read anything about a career coach. I hear some of you saying, yes, that's why no one heard about you till now.


If you can find a career consultant/career coach, or at least someone to coach you to success, consider:


1. What is the problem you need solved? (Most common: stuck career going nowhere, need to change careers, resume improvement)

2. Does the person have any experience in your problem area, or is that person just full of fluff, spouting big words?

3. How does that career coach work? What is the coaching style? How much money are we talking about?

4. What does that career coach consider as success? At the end of it, where do you find you yourself? Do you see success?

5. Do you really need to go through the personality tests and all that shebang, spending good money, and still have to pay the coach?

6. Have shared with the coach any external circumstances that is holding you down? (upcoming divorce etc)

7. Do you come prepared with questions, documents etc before every session with your coach?

8. Do you know it will take time?


Pro tips:

1. Say no career consultants/coaches who do group sessions, who run coaching factories so to speak. Find ones who give solo (more expensive) sessions.

2. Ask for free first consultation to test the waters.

3. Set clear goals and expectations with your professional career consultant. Get everything in writing.

4. Coaches/consultants vs. Counselors: Coaches/consultants are for the nitty-gritty things in your career (resume, careers, industry etc). Therapists tend to come from an academic background (e.g. the guides in school or college), or are therapists.

5. Be honest with your coach/consultant. Do not camouflage a spotty past with finessed answers. They your last company laid you off, tell the coach you were laid, not that you left as you were bored.


How you can be your own career coach


- Explain to yourself: Talk to yourself about the problem, how it affecting you, for how long, effects of the problem, how all this came to be...write down all this stuff and go through them later.


- Ask yourself the most cringe-inducing question that someone else could ask you. Then answer them yourself. Again, write everything down.


- Pretend you are giving advice/the solutions to someone else. Again, write everything down.


- Go through all you noted down after some time has passed.

Does it all still hold water? What else is missing? And then, go ahead and make the changes.


Thank you for reading.
This guide is from The Success Manual, which contains 200+ guides to succeeding in business, career and personal life.  Get the pdf ebook for $12 only.


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