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What Are Resume Screeners?


Why is everyone so worked up about the screeners?

Keywords, people. Keywords. Make sure your resume contain all the relevant keywords (skills) and phrases (e.g. summaries of your achievements in previous jobs).


Resume screeners scan through resumes, looking for certain keywords and phrases, before passing them on, or not.


How many kinds of Resume screeners are there?

There are three kinds of Resume screeners: human resume screeners, phone screeners, and automated resume screeners.


Human resume screeners are your typical screeners who scan through submitted resumes, and maybe they are giving your resume the 6-second scan.


Phone Screeners usually go through already screened batches of resumes, calling candidates, asking some questions (experience, availability for interview etc), looking for potential matches who can be brought in for an in-person interview.


Automated Resume Screeners are programs that sift through databases of resumes, scanning for matches on select keywords (skills) etc) and phrases. Of course, someone from the HR department has put in the keywords etc.


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