Career success

What Do We Want From Our Job?

From a survey of young workers, a list of what they want from their job.


We all want similar things from our work, give or take a percentage here or there, right?


Job characteristics rated most important:

- Interesting and engaging work 88%

- Good benefits – including health insurance 84%

- Secure job 82%

- Opportunities for promotion 81%

- Opportunities to learn new skills 77%

- Location 63%


Other items on the list:


- Annual vacations of a week or more

- High income

- Flexibility in work hours

- Regular hours – no nights/weekends

- Being able to work independently

- Limited job stress

- Travel opportunities

- Prestigious company

- Limited overtime


What do you want from your job?

Rank the items on the list above.


Thank you for reading.
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