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What To Put on a Resume When You Have Nothing to Put On It

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This is what you ask when you have few work experiences, not many (none) references and are just a beginner on the roadway to skills.


Do this:


- List your skills, talents, accomplishments, and achievements.

Look around in your life. Every life can build a series of these things. Just start with your name and contact details and straightaway put in all this under their own headings.


- List your experiences and accomplishments in non-professional settings as well.

For example, mention the fact that you organized and did everything in your sister's wedding.


- Start volunteering yourself

Look for opportunities, online (Linkedin etc and offline. Volunteering is a great way to start in any career.


- List Any References (or Check On Your Old Acquaintances)

For example, from the wedding example above, if your sister can vouch for your all-around great job, list as a reference.


- Accept that it is okay to start with a slim resume

No need to to add fluff. Avoid adding useless stuff such as 'objective' statement, list of all the courses you took in college (HR doesn't care, mostly).


In short, stick to the good stuff. And plenty of it lies around in all of our lives.


Thank you for reading.
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