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When Your Job Search Just Isn’t Working

Job search

The best that helps you analyze your job search failures is to go back to the job search methods, looking at each of the main parts of a job search to see what might haven't worked- your self inventory, resume (online/offline) and cover letter- your professional network- the job search itself- and the job interview. This category-wise analysis of of the job search is the only to find things that are not working, and working to improve your situation.


You will know where you are wasting your time. You will know whether:


1. It was a job you didn't fit in/for: Did you think carefully about the things you loved and did well most? It was the severe skills-mismatch, perhaps.


2. It was the wrong industry: Back to the planning and paper, seeking out industries your desired jobs are in. Maybe, you were casting a wide net, trying to catch anything, clicking 'apply' to any job opening, and ultimately falling flat.


3. It was the wrong career: Maybe, you needed some work experience before trying out this new career. Just taking a course and/or reading books wasn't enough. You need to take up these- side projects, temporary jobs, volunteering, internships, etc.


4. It was the wrong person/s who took the interview/went through your resume (and cover letter): Try to get in touch with main decision maker/the actual person you will be working for.


5. It was the wrong company: You didn't research about the place for, and the people there are hard-driving psychopaths/cruising along lazy bones, which didn't go well with either of you.


6. It was the wrong the resume/online profile: There was factual mistake, or it was too vague about the value that you would bring to the company. It was not relevant enough. It contained lots of spelling and grammar mistakes too.


7. It was the wrong way you presented yourself online: They couldn't find your online profile/Linkedin profile, or the first result that came up for you was a tweet about how you hated and what you would do to a certain pop star.


8. It was the wrong way you networked: You kept asking for favors and referrals, without giving anything in return. Or, you kept talking about work and business while your old friend wanted to talk about their life. Why would people help someone as self-involved/self-absorbed as yourself?


9. It was the wrong way you came through during the job interview: You were not on time. You gave vague answers to most questions. You couldn't give examples of how you used the relevant skills successfully. You seemed more interested in salary and benefits than the job itself. You didn't show any interest in the job/company much and it showed when you didn't ask any question afterwards (asking about the office timings and weekends being off or not, doesn't count). Maybe, you were avoiding eye contact while answering and they thought you were not a comfortable fit in their company. Or, you lost your calm and started shouting, badmouthing, arguing or did other dislikeable stuff. You didn't answer the phone during the interview itself, did you? You just didn't have what the hiring managers were looking for during the job interview.


10. It was the wrong way you are doing your job search itself: You are not taking it seriously enough. Not going at the job searching daily, like a job, in a planned manner, checking all the boxes (see Job search checklist).


Persistent people often win, eventually.


Thank you for reading.
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