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Writing Prompts: 20 Interesting Ideas To Help You Start Writing Daily

Writing prompts



How To Improve Your Writing, Part 2: One of the favorite advice in 'How to improve your writing' was to write often. We will also cover what topic to write about in our guide to 'Online writing'. But that is later. Why not start writing 250-word pieces? Some suggestions:



1. Write a letter: Write a letter-to anyone, like an actor, family member, or public figure.


2. 15 Minute Writing: Set a timer and come up with a story in 15 minutes.


3. Start with a single word: Choose a word at random from a dictionary to start writing.


4. Expand news stories: Take a short clip from a newspaper or TV news and expand its story.


5. Change the ending: Rewrite the ending of a movie or book that you did not like the end of.


6. Pick 10 people: Pick ten people you know and write a description of each of them.


7. Describe an inanimate object: Take time to write about an inanimate object as descriptively as possible.


8. Take a walk: Take a walk and write a description of the walk.


9. Describe your bedroom: Write a short description of your bedroom.


10. Describe a scene: Take time to describe scenes.

Variety: Now describe a scene such as a pond, from a different point of view - for example, as seen by a parent whose kid drowned in that pond.


11. Write a review: Write a review about their favorite product. (which you own and use often)


12. Pick a person to describe: Write detailed descriptions of a person - of someone not that famous, preferably.


13. Describe a magazine picture: Pick out a picture in a magazine to write about for 10 minutes.


14. Write your own obituary: List your life’s accomplishments as if you died today, or in the future.


15. Identify your earliest childhood memory: Write down everything you can remember from your earliest childhood memory.


16. What if you had 365 days to live?: Describe what you’d do if you only had a year left to live.


17. Invent your own country: Describe this invented country in detail - history, laws, politics, culture, geography, business, tourism, etc.


18. Rewrite a passage: Take a passage from a book and rewrite it in a different style.


19. Imitation: Imitate the style of a magazine article you liked - or, just try to write like Hemingway.


20. Argue for a pay raise


Search Google for more 'writing prompts.'


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