Making a living

Making money from videos

Make money

1. Start a YouTube channel: Starting a YouTube channel to teach people to do stuff is a good option, but it is way too competitive. There are too many people, and some very big players into this field...
Making a living

Making a living from writing

Make money

According to a news report, the average writer (books etc) makes only $16,000 a year. And this is not the money from blogging, which is way, way less, in 99% cases.   1. Make money writing ...
Making a living

Online methods (or a mix of both methods) of making some money

Make money

1. Use your hobby to make some money: People who enjoy shopping can become a mystery shopper.   Photographers can sell licensed photos (it is very competitive - sell on Creative Market, Pho...
Making a living

Offline methods of making some money

Make money

1. Sell unwanted stuff: Books, old Furniture, electronics, media, toys, and other unwanted items. Sell to your neighbor. Sell online, via classifieds (Craigslist). Take some good pictures and write a ...
Making a living

The Big List Of Things You Can Do To Make A Part-Time Living

Make money

  There are several things you should know before you think on away to make a part-time living.   1. Invest as much time on this part-time time gig (networking, looking for a jo...
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The Inspiration for Skills of Victors The inspiration for this 'encyclopedia of advice' came from the realization that most of us struggle at our jobs / getting ahead in life despite having a...

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