Quiz / The Success Quiz 1

1. The most important __________ in any article is the first one.

2. ________ is a business term for 'trust'.

3. The secret to __________ success: Do something extra for the client.

4. The best tip for ___________: repeat the last three words.

5. The best tip about complaining is to complain with a plan, and to a ________________.

6. The first thing you should do to build your critical thinking skills is to be fully aware of your _______.

7. The most important word in ____________ skills: 'You'.

8. Make your writing concise, ___________, and objective/relevant.

9. The best tip about overcoming your _________ is to stop the overthinking.

10. The most important thing about finding your purpose in life is to 'get out of your __________'.