Quiz / The Success Quiz 2

1. The most important thing about _____ is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying. - Steven Pressfield

2. To be _________, be interested.

3. Apart from coding, ________ is the most important job in a startup.

4. The best tip for improving your _______ is to be yourself

5. The best tip about having great interpersonal skills (people skills) is to make people feel good, which we do by getting into the other person's shoes, also known as ______.

6. The best way to read ____ is to read a lot.

7. The best resumes contain ______ that mirror the language of the job posting.

8. The most important role of a ______ is to know where the future lies for all, and then influencing and taking everyone to that future.

9. The most important thing about _______ is to follow up.

10. Best career tip: 'Do something you do ____, that not many other people can, and the money will follow'.

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