Career success

Stay Sharp

Fact: Careers, jobs, employers and technologies keep changing all the time.   What you should do:   In the workplace: Go back to your interests list, figure out if you are still ...
Career success

Loyalty Towards Skills, Not Your Employer

Loyalty won't help you much nowadays.   Spent too much at a company and people will think you are playing too safe, and most probably you haven't done much on skill upgradation/expa...
Career success

How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable

This is about how you can convince your employer that you are worth keeping, even when hard times hit.   Do this:   Become a linchpin Become Different (attract attention of th...
Career success

How To Be Lucky In Your Career

Fortune favors the brave. Fortune also favors the good.   That's all there is to know about being lucky in your career.   Luck is not just a 'day dream', or just &...
Career success

Why Hard Work Matters, And How We Can Work Hard

The tortoise wins, almost all the time.   You may be talented. You may know how to work smart (the time-cutting tricks, templates, macros, shortcuts, cutting bigger tasks into smaller piece...
Career success

How To Be Powerful At Work And In Life

Power, the ability to 'do things', is how you are able to exert influence over others. It is therefore, a very important influencing skill.   Power comes from force, wealth, knowled...
Career success

The Basics Of Career Management

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. - Zig Zagler   The fast track to career success means giving people what they want.   Give people wh...
Career success

How To Be An Awesome Professional

What is professionalism? An awesome professional more than just doing a job very well (some say it is). It is also how you do the job, how elegantly you carry, how expertly you deal with customers...
Career success

How To Be A Shining Star At Work

Question: What is a successful career to you?   I know you have an idea. Want to know mine? A successful career is a we doing the best we can to bring value to other people, in a particular...
Career success

Doing Well In Behavioral Interviews

Job interview tips

Another name for this kind of interviewing is 'Competency-based Behavioral Interviewing'. Behavioral interviewing has become the preferred method to know more about a candidate's skills an...

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