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Networking To Build Your Career

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Networking is the secret to getting a job. They say 1/3 of all jobs come from people we know, 1/3 are only advertised inside companies and 1/3 are from standard job advertisements.   Fo...
Career success

The Essential Guide To Survive (Or Win At) Office Politics And Gossip

This quick guide is in two parts: Part 1 covers the politics part, and part 2 covers gossip   Part 1: Things to know about surviving office politics   1. Seven approaches that of...
Career success

How To Manage Your Boss

Ah, the boss, the boss. The person responsible for how much raise we will get this year. That's the person we are talking about here. There is no one kind of boss. There are many kinds of bosses w...
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How To Survive Workplace Conflicts

This guide covers the general rules to deal with any conflicts in the workplace, dealing with bullies at work, angry co-workers as well as uncooperative colleagues.   1. Dealing with confli...
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Working With Colleagues Successfully

A Harvard study suggests that we consider our work colleagues as our neighbors, avoid other generalizations such as family or enemy and such. With neighbors, we know a give and take happens all the ti...
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A Quick Guide to Jerks At Work

This is a cynical guide for sure. Basically what you must understand that jerks often win at work, and that most of your tactics to shut down the jerk don't work in the long run.   Bad ...
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Being A Better Employee, The Ultimate Guide

The most important suggestion in this book: When you go to work tomorrow, try to look at 'your place' as a fearful first-day employee would. - From ‘The Tom Peters Seminar’...
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Have Integrity

What is Integrity?   The one statement that says all that must be said about Integrity   Plutarch said, 'Character is what you would do if no one is watching.'   ...
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Listen To Your Gut: Your Instincts May Be Right

Start by putting what you are feeling, into words. And then, think: Is what you are feeling based on your valid interpretation of the situation or are you just being plain irrational?   Not...
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How To Take Risks And Come Out Okay Every Time

They say, 'No risks, no rewards.'   Understand this: There is nothing completely wrong or completely right with being risk averse (liking the comfort and security of doing the sa...

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