Freelancing skills

Succeeding On Freelance Job Websites

Apart from the all the above tips for freelancing success ('Client flow', pricing, proposals, networking etc), some tips for successful dealings on the freelance job websites such as Odesk etc...
Freelancing skills

How To Scale Your Freelance Business

Make money

As a freelancer, you are basically working in a 'dollars-for-your-hours' economy, and thus you only have 24 hours each day and thus can only have a limited number of clients.   Here...
Freelancing skills

How Smart Freelancers Get Paid On Time

Smart freelancers do smart things, obviously.   - When they are firm with their payment terms (which also include list of penalties for payment delays.)   - When they make sure c...
Freelancing skills

How To Improve Your Value As A Freelancer (And Make More Money)

To be valuable, you have to bring value to a client's business. To bring value to a client's business, you have to do all the things the client needs to get the problem solved, and you also...
Freelancing skills

Setting Your Freelance Rates

Part 1: 11 Freelance Fee Strategies   1. Research the freelance rates in your industry.   2. Let the client know your value - Know the value of your solution to the client&#...
Freelancing skills

How To Find Client/s When You Are Starting Out


The only answer to this most important problem is, Networking, networking, networking. You keep meeting useful people, show your use to them, be helpful to them, and eventually one thing will lead...
Freelancing skills

The Basic Legal/Financial Stuff Freelancers Have To Know

1. Business structure: Businesses like to deal with other businesses. Maybe it is a trust issue or someone inside doesn't want to deal with the 'hassle' of having to create another form/pr...
Freelancing skills

Five Ways How Odds Work Against Every New Freelancer

How to be visible in a dense jungle. That's the problem of every new freelancer in any field - writing, coding, designing, etc.   The problem of visibility starts with the gatekeepers a...
Freelancing skills

How to start freelancing without leaving your job

People do it all time, to make extra money or to support the insufficiently-paying first job.   Thing to remember: - Never let your freelance work and work cross. - Never use the same...
Freelancing skills

Freelancer or Employee?

What employees have: - A steady income and benefits (Health care, taxes, self promotion, vacation pay, retirement benefits, etc.) - Opportunities for personal development, chances to rise and ea...

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