Starting a business

The Basics Of Starting and Running Your Own Business

  What is a Business?   Peter Drucker said, 'The purpose of a business is to find a customer.'   What being in business means   1. Making and selli...
Freelancing skills

Dealing With Bad Clients

Generally, a bad client means a client who won't pay up on time or is abusive. Here are main situations when clients become 'that person from hell':   Accept this as part of doi...
Freelancing skills

Freelancing Troubleshooting Guide

Basically, put everything in writing: The contract, letter of agreement, deal memo, adoptive admission, confirming email, client approvals etc.  The Triple-A Troubleshooting strategy &nbs...
Freelancing skills

Working With Clients

How you should set boundaries with clients:     Things to do before starting out with the project:   1. Anything else you need to discuss in the contract? Loose ends? ...
Freelancing skills

A Quick Guide Through The Freelancing Contract

Here are the things commonly found in most freelance project contracts. The actual items in the contract depend very much on the traditions of your particular industry and/or mutual agreement between ...
Freelancing skills

The Client Flow

The secret of many long running freelancing agencies is that they have optimized their process, from end to start, using templates (email, invoice, reminders etc) and checklists (client information, p...
Freelancing skills

Succeeding On Freelance Job Websites

Apart from the all the above tips for freelancing success ('Client flow', pricing, proposals, networking etc), some tips for successful dealings on the freelance job websites such as Odesk etc...
Freelancing skills

How To Scale Your Freelance Business

Make money

As a freelancer, you are basically working in a 'dollars-for-your-hours' economy, and thus you only have 24 hours each day and thus can only have a limited number of clients.   Here...
Freelancing skills

How Smart Freelancers Get Paid On Time

Smart freelancers do smart things, obviously.   - When they are firm with their payment terms (which also include list of penalties for payment delays.)   - When they make sure c...
Freelancing skills

How To Improve Your Value As A Freelancer (And Make More Money)

To be valuable, you have to bring value to a client's business. To bring value to a client's business, you have to do all the things the client needs to get the problem solved, and you also...


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