Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills: A Simple Guide

Critical thinking

1. What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is thinking for yourself and understanding the difference between fact and opinion. It is the opposite of parroting off what you have heard other...
Thinking Skills

Decision Making Skills: 15 Useful Methods For Deciding Better & Faster

Decision making

If you find yourself in a hole, stop diggin'. - Anon   The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your actions. - Anon   1. Pareto anal...
Writing Skills

How To Create Advertising That Sells

Business skills | Copywriting | Advertising skills | Marketing skills

General advertising tips   1. The most important decision: How should you position your product?   2. Large promise: A promise is not a claim, or a theme, or a slogan. It is a be...
Writing Skills

A Quick Guide To Copywriting (Writing To Sell)


Copywriting in a nutshell:   - Say something that gets attention. (The main benefit statement – which is targeted at a big problem for your target customer) E.g. 'Save your har...
Writing Skills

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Book

Personal branding | Self publishing | Blog writing

This is a smarter way of self-publishing. Put something online first. Get traffic and then get out a book. If your blog could be turned into a book, it is a sign that you indeed have a quality blog. I...
Writing Skills

Online Writing Skills: 30 Ways To Improve Your Online Writing

Online writing | Blog writing

  The best tip for online writing is this: Make your writing concise, scannable, and objective/relevant.   Part 1: How users behave online   1. Users want to searc...
Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills: Eight Kinds Of Business Writing To Do Well

Business writing

  The Economist's method: The Economist is arguably the most respectable weekly 'newspaper' in the world. The story goes: a long way back, a new journalist approached The Ec...

13 Useful Writing Acronyms

Writing skills | Acronym definition

writing acronyms
  1. R.A.F.T.S R = Role: What is my role as the writer? Who am I A = Audience: To whom am I writing? Should I write formally? Informally? F = Format: Which format should I use whi...
Writing Skills

How To Write In A Plain Language

Plain language | Plain writing

  1. What is plain language? When you write in plain language, you are using your words with economy, and write at a level your target audience can easily understand. Most of the time, ...
Writing Skills

How To Write Concisely

Concise writing

  Consider this wordy sentence: 'What I would like everyone to know is that online marketing is the art of getting the best value out of marketing spending using real-time tracking of ...

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