Career success

How to Work With Executive Recruiters

Two common types of recruiters: retained and contingency. Retained firms usually work only on senior-level assignments. Contingency recruiters usually fill middle- to lower-level posts. They differ on...
Career success

Using A Career Consultant / Career Coach

That is the general idea behind a career consultant/career coach anyway. Before I sat down to create this short career guide, I knew there were career consultants around, but I had barely read anythin...
Career success

Making The Best Out Of Internships


Although internships are most associated with students, they are also good means for people to get into a new industry (keeping pride locked in a box in some remote place).   Internships ma...
Career success

Working for Free To Get A Foot In


Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, the standard advice is to never work for free. You can volunteer your time or work as an intern only when it is for greater public good...
Career success

How To Get the Most out of Career Counseling

Ah, career counselors! The people who are paid by other people to help us through an assortment of career problems and choices, mostly early on in our life.   Cooperate with the counselor. ...
Career success

How To Do Well At In-tray And E-tray Exercises

What is an in-tray exercise? It is a business simulation to see how well you are suited to a particular role, and is usually part of an assessment test, where you play an employee who has to deal w...
Career success

A Quick Guide To Personality Tests (And Why They Don't Work)

With personality tests,- the big idea is that it is possible to quantify your personality by asking you about your feelings, thoughts and behavior. You will be presented with statements describing var...
Career success

A Quick Guide To Placement Tests

Companies (mostly in the technical industries) make candidates sit for placements tests to 1. Test their knowledge of their niche and 2. To see how well they can reason. Never mind that studies have s...
Career success

How To Survive Psychometric Tests

We use psychometric tests to help with career guidance and counseling, and Employers use psychometric tests help make selection decisions. Studies have consistently shown that psychometric tests are n...
Career success

Writing Great Cover Letters


Leave that phrase “To Whom it May Concern” out of your cover letter. Now. - Anonymous     Consider the cover letter as the third page of your resume, actually page 1 ...

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