Career success

Essential Career Advice For Women

  Career advice for women is same as it for most other people: Work harder than the next person. Be valuable and be seen being valuable. Help your boss achieve goals. be informed about new...
Career success

Career Tips For Young People / Millenials

  Some useful bits of career tips for people just starting out, fresh college grads and others.   These tips are also meant for people in their 20s, when many, including this wr...
Career success

A Guide To Job Hunting For College Graduates

Job search | Job hunting

1. It will take time, so start early Get things motion in the final year- initial resume, summer internships, interview practice, practicing writing good cover letters (at least it will be good...
Career success

Career Advice For College Students

How to Survive the Life After College   Don't go outside the college. It is a jungle out there. - Rodney Dangerfield in 'Back to school'   Part 1: What to do w...
Career success

How to Survive, Succeed and Shine at Your New Job

They say the first 90 days at any new job are like an extended interview. You promised them stuff. They saw stuff in you. Time to prove them right.   In the first week:   - Don&#...
Career success

The First Job Survival Guide

How to move from 'newbie' to 'old hand' with as less pain as possible. Everyone does it. Everyone has been doing it, getting used to the first job, ever since people started working, i...
Career success

How To Start And Run A Side Project Successfully

Make money

Some people do a side project to supplement their income. Others, especially many in the creative fields, do side projects to satisfy their passions.   Part 1: The value of small projects ...
Career success

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Career

We often sabotage our career (and life) with our fears ('I can't do that', 'They are looking at me!') , our extreme disorganization (running late, not finding the right stuff at th...
Career success

Surviving Unemployment And Job Loss


Part 1: Surviving the Employment   1. The best advice one heard about dealing with unemployment was that, for the unemployed, finding a job is their full-time job. Amen to that. Whenever yo...
Career success

Everything You Should Know About Layoffs (And Career Breaks)


Uncertainty is the only certainty. That is the unsung song of life.   Layoffs, furloughs (temporary layoffs) or career breaks should be taken as matter of fact as you take a new job offer o...

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